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My original video page had trouble loading. I think it was because i had so many videos and the gigabytes were so great.
I have now put each video on to its own , separate page. This SHOULD ( hopefully )make it load faster.
My videos are described below, just click on the ones that you wish to watch and they will open up in a new window. You can close that window , when you have watched it, and you will still have this main video page open , to choose more.

Tiffany roped and bound - ready for her skirt to be lifted and fucked hard without choice.
( 0:48 , 5.5gb )


Black Master Ironpanda stretches Tiffanys hole with a BIG black dildo.
( 1:43 , 9.5GB )

 Black Master Ironpanda stretches Tiffanys hole with a huge plastic bottle.
( 1:03 , 6GB )


 Black Master Ironpanda FISTS Tiffanys hole.
( 3:20 , 18GB )

 Black guy gapes Tiffany's arse with a speculum - then uses her arse as an urinal.
( 1:06 , 6MG )


 Asian guy pisses over Tiffany
( 0:35, 1.26GB )


 Tiffany drinks a guys piss
( 0:44 , 3.65GB )

 Tiffany placed in to cum bucket piss hood and used as an urinal.
( 3:15 , 34 GB )


Tiffany is thoroughly stretched with dildos , fisted and fucked !

( 8:46 133mb )


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 human toilet training (hardcore scat eating) Sir ?

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