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Over the years , guys have asked a lot of questions. Here are just a few, with my answers , for you to know more about me and your visit to me.

"Are you real ? Is this site for real ?"

i don't know what more i can do to prove to you i am very real and genuine, besides what is written on the "about me" page. Perhaps one thing i can add to show you i am genuine is this. If you click the "my availability" button , it takes you to my online diary. This is where i keep track of the men wanting to visit me to be pleasured. Now , this diary is TOTALLY editable by ANYONE. Anyone can click on it and write what they want. Now , if i was not genuine and real , or , if i was some kind of con-artist , guys who have met me would have written all over my diary that i was not real and that everyone should avoid me. As you can see , this is not the case . My meetings with guys stretch back for years on that diary , you can see for yourself, no-one has ever written a single negative thing about me or their experience of me on that public diary.

You can also read the testimonials of the men who have met me , by clicking ---- > Verifications

"Babe you are so hot i want to meet you. Sorry , i don't have a picture because i am married. If that is a problem , we could meet somewhere public and if you didn't like what you see, you could just walk away. You won't though , i promise you i am very handsome"
Firstly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. Who one person may consider handsome , another person would not. There is never any guarantee that someone is going to find another person appealing.
Secondly , it takes us tgirls at least 2 hours to get ready (all the showering, the waxing, the douche'ing of our asspussys to get all clean for you). No tgirl is going to go through all of this for any man on the "off chance" that she will be attracted to you. It is just not going to happen. Besides, taking 3hrs out of my day to do that means that i loose that time where i could be pleasuring a guy who i know that i am attracted to instead !
Lastly, i do understand your caution at not sending me your picture , being married and everything. All i can say is , i would be TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL as far as your picture is concerned. i am VERY protective of the men i meet and serve. See all those cocksucking pics of me on my website ? Well , i also have pictures of the faces of ALL of those men. I also have over phone numbers of over 100 black straight men (many married) in my phonebook. The common element is , i would NEVER do anything to compromise their identity. Men know they can trust me completely. In all of the years i have never even once text or phoned a guy , i ALWAYS wait for him to get in touch with me first. i would NEVER do anything to compromise my admirers. In any case , tgirls lead "double lives" too stud (think about it). We have lots to loose too! No , you are just going to see how genuine i am and have to trust me as i NEVER meet any guy who's picture i have not seen first , to establish that the attraction is definitely mutual. 

"This is the first time i have ever done anything like this , i am very nervous , is that O.K ?"
i am very experienced with "first time" men. Remember , it is all about You ! We only do what you want to do at whatever pace you are comfortable with . You can just get up and leave at any time if you are not comfortable. Don't go through life regretting something that you "might" have done stud . Make a date and do something for yourself . If you don't try it , you will never know and you will only regret it

"Do you know any females who i could meet and fuck ?"
No - who do you think i am , your pimp or something, go away

"Please meet me .I am not Black, i am white , but i have a cock as big as a black mans."
Well done on perpetuating the perception that all black men have bigger cocks than white men. i bet that makes a lot of white men feel very inferior.
Good ! i hope it does !
In my experience , most black men DO have much bigger and stronger cocks than most white men , however , i have met and do pleasure black men who have "average" sized cocks too (6inches). i am VERY happy to meet and pleasure them too. For me , cock size has little to do with it (unless it is too big , only then is it a problem)

"So you say "no strings , no reciprocation, you do not have to pleasure me", so , what pleasure do you get out of it ?"
i am a submissive, that means i consider myself as one who serves , not as one who receives. i get my pleasure "mentally" . i am completely fulfilled knowing that a black guy has used me for his own selfishness and sexual release. This fact feeds my mind and makes me complete , happy and totally satisfied. Think of me as a sex slave if you like, someone with no rights, someone who is just there to serve. That is what i am and that is what i like about myself. You fulfil me by using me as such. You give me pleasure by using me like that.

"My mate wants to fuck you too , can i bring him along ?"
Have you thought this through ? Does your mate even know that you are considering fucking a tgirl , what would he say about it ? If he is cool with it , then , the answer is yes as i have ALWAYS wanted to try double penetration in the ass. However , i would need to get to know him as well as i now know you.

"Do you spit or swallow ?"
It would be abhorrent not to swallow black seed and be filled with black seed :-)
It is a black mans gift to me, he has produced it from within himself and it is like a dog marking its' territory.
 Your black cum down my throat means that you know own me as one of your bitches.

"Do you like rough sex,can i be rough with you and treat you like a slut ?"
Wow, lets talk......... :-)

"I really want what you offer and i want you to suck my cock , does it mean i am gay ?"
Straight men who meet me come to me straight and they leave straight. So you fuck 20 women in a year and one tranny , does that now mean you are gay ? i don't think so !

"I have never admitted this , but i am so turned on by stockings and suspenders (you look fantastic in them by the way) that i sometimes wear my girlfriends stockings etc... If i met you , could you put some stockings on me , i just love how they feel (i am totally straight by the way)"
Lovely to hear that , i am actually VERY turned on by MASCULINE men who have kinky desires and interests. i find the idea of a masculine guy in stockings and suspenders very horny indeed . Just as long as you stay masculine and don't go all "feminine" on me. i hope you will always feel that you are free to tell me of any desires or fantasies that you may have , i like kinky men , i am unshockable and i think it all just adds greatly to your experience.

"Have you got any tgirl friends who we can have a 3-some with?"
i tend not to have any close friendships with tgirls , i much prefer the company of Black men and so i devote all of my time to them alone. However , i do hold tgirl and Black Bull gangbang parties approximately one every 6 weeks. There are usually 3/4 tgirls and 7/8 bulls in attendance. It is a very private and confidential group of people. Once i have met you myself , one-on-one , i can then vouch for you and invite you to our tgirl/Black Bull gangbang parties.

"You are racist because you only pleasure Black/Dark men and not Whites"
Idiot , it is not racism it is just a preference! Just like some guys prefer blondes over brunettes , thin girls over fat etc... etc... i prefer Black men because i love the contrast of skin colour against mine . i love the shades and tones of colour in their skin . Black men are never Black. Light reflects on their skin creating myriads of different tones and colours , highlights and shades. Lights bounces and shimmers on their skin - i just love it . Of course , there is also the element of a big dark beast overpowering a frail , lilywhite tgirl like me. None of  the above applies to white men, i just find white skin pale and not as interesting. (Oh, and black men taste different too, yummy :-)
In any case , i see a few white men when i work as an escort , so i DO pleasure white men, it is just my website is set up to attract the type of men whom i prefer to have in my private , free time.

"I am a White/Caucasian Man - PLEASE can you pleasure me ?"
Please see above paragraph . White men , If you would like to meet me on an escort/paid basis , please get in touch.

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