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Tiffany's erotic stories and fantasies

Can you turn Tiffany in to a whore and keep the money for yourself  ?

For MANY years , because i am a submissive, i have always had the desire for an Alpha male to pimp me out and sell me to other men.
HE will keep ALL of the money , as he would be my owner with every right to do so.
i would simply be put to work. Naturally he will use me too and pass me free to his friends.

Over the years , i have had many offers - the thing is , men wanted to put a slave collar around my neck and have ME advertise myself on the .net , serve men in my apartment , take the money and send it to them !
Thats so lazy and not what i had in mind at all !

i need to be owned and whored.
So , it DOES involve a lot of work by a guy , but , it will reap him mega cash reward.

So , he will live alone , HE will advertise me on adult websites. Correspond with and arrange visits from the Johns.
Open the door to them , take their money then send them to my room.
He would recruit as many as he can , as he wants as much money as he can , right !

i have not found ANY guy who is in the position to do this.
Think about it though , even if he sold me "cheap" - just £50 an hour and i turned 4 a day , that equals £200 a day cash for him.
Lets say , 6 days a week , that means £1200.00 per week , or , £62,400 a year income for him , tax free. He can give up work and run me full time !

Ideally , the guy who would do this will live in the UK and enslave me in his home. (Because i live in London with a British Passport)
i would consider overseas , but , this gets a bit complicated with medical cover , insurance etc... Also , Brexit only allows me 90 days in Europe and then i have to return to uk for 180 days , before i am allowed back in Europe again.
Mind you , i guess whoring me for 3 month periods, twice a year, would be worth it too.

If there are any guys SERIOUS about owning and whoring me , please do get in touch.
Please no messages like " i'd love to whore you" - but you dont have the accommodation , means or know how to do so , its just a waste of time.

Serious men only , who are in a position to do this and have real drive to do this , please message me .

On a similar theme....

imprisoned to a life of serving cock and being sold to profit a MASTER


i had arrived at a car park in remote woods at a beauty spot at 8pm prompt, as ordered.

It was dark , the sun had gone down.

Behind the third tree on the right , i retrieved the bag that I was told would be waiting for me.

I opened the bag , inside was a leather hood , nothing fancy , just a bag with no eye holes and a small grommet near the mouth, as an air hole. The bag had a leather strap collar attached , with a hasp , for a padlock. Also in the bag was a set of handcuffs. They were open.

As ordered via email exchange , i knelt down and i reached for the small padlock that was in the bag and placed the padlock on my thigh. I put the handcuffs on my thigh too.

I reached for the leather hood , put it over my head , pulled the collar/strap around my neck , located the locking post and then reached for the padlock.

I padlocked the hood on to my head. I could no longer see anything but at least I could breathe, due to the air hole.

I reached for the handcuffs and , as ordered , placed and clicked one of them closed, over one of my wrists. I then put both of my hands behind my back , located the other handcuff and locked that in place over my other wrist.

I was now kneeling , in the dark , in the woods , with a hood locked over my head and my wrists handcuffed behind my back.

I waited.

It was not long before I heard the sound of a vehicle approach and stop in the car park next to me.

I heard the drivers door open and I heard footsteps approach me.

“You will stand up and I will put my hands on you to steady you”

I did as I was told.

“I will now lead you to the car”

At the car he said “ I am now going to lift you and place you in the boot of my car”

He did this.

I heard the car book slam shut. I heard my captor get in to the car , start the engine and then I heard the central locking engage.

I was now hooded and handcuffed and locked in the boot of a strangers car.

We must have driven for about 15 minutes. The first 10 minutes I could work out were busy roads , as I could hear other vehicle traffic. The last 5 minutes I felt the surface of the ground change , under the vehicle , it was a more bumpy and softer surface , like a track.

The vehicle came to a stop. I felt fresh air rush in as my captor opened the boot.

“I am now going to lift you out and lead you in to a building”

Once inside the building , my captor unlocked the handcuffs that I was wearing and I felt my hands were free . The locked hood was still over my head though.

I felt a VERY heavy collar being placed around my neck. It was the sort that was in two parts , with a hinge as I felt the two parts coming together . I knew from the feel of it that it must be a heavy metal collar , iron or steel.

“Take this” , my captor said as he placed what I could tell was a much larger and heavier padlock in to the palm of one of my hands.

“You will now do as you agreed Tiffany , you will seal your own fate . You will take that padlock , feed it through the locking mechanism of the collar and snap it shut.”

I did as I was told , the final act of any self choice.

I snapped shut the padlock through the collar, there was no way to remove it.

I was now his prisoner.

“Step forward and kneel” , my captor commanded.

“There is a wooden block in front of you , lower your had and place your head on the block”

I did as I was told.

“Tiffany , you are going to hear noise and feel heat. What you will hear , but not see , is a welder . “

“ I will place protection next to your skin , so that you are not burned , but , you must not move a muscle”

I felt the heat emanating from the welder as it crackled next to my skin. I could hear the metal spitting , as the welder welded a permanent joint in the metal collar . I felt the padlock being unlocked and released.

“There is no need for a padlock now Tiffany , this collar is permanently welded now around your neck , it cannot be removed.”

“Now , open your hand again” . I felt a small key being pressed in to my palm.

“This is the key to the padlock on your hood Tiffany . You will wait 10 seconds , as I leave the room and then you can unlock yourself and remove your head hood.”

I heard his footsteps disappear as he left the room . I took the little key , reached around to the small padlock on my head hood , und it and removed the leather hood.

As my eyes adjusted to the dim light I surveyed my predicament.

I was on my knees with a steel collar around my neck. It had been welded , it cannot be removed.

Attached to the collar was also welded a heavy chain. The chain was very long and disappeared in to the distance. I saw that the chain ran in to the rafters of the building . I could just make out that the other end of it was welded to a metal post grommet , that had been bolted in to the rafters of the building.

I tested the chain and my collar . There was no way of removing them. I was now imprisoned and chained by the neck to this building. I tested the length of the chain by walking to the exit of the building. 2 feet before reaching the only doorway , the chain went tight and brought me to a stop. The chain prevented me from reaching the door . There was absolutely no way that I could get out of here.

I looked around the space . It was some kind of barn or out building , made of wood.

The floor was concrete.

Against one wall was a metal , single bed with an old mattress and a blanket and pillow on top.

In one corner was a toilet and wash basin.

There was a shower with a second douche shower attachment, next to it.

There was a battered comfy chair in another corner.

Up high , in one wall , there was a television , but , no way of reaching the controls. 

On another wall there was what appeared to be a cutting , a hatch , at floor level , embedded in the wall , but , I could not open it from the inside.

Next to the hatch was a sort of small trough , with a tube (a hose) leading in to it , from the outside.

There was one bright , pendant light fitting , hanging in the middle of the room , yet , there was no light switch in the room at all . The light was currently on.

On another wall , there was a 4 inch long by 3 inch wide slit , cut in to the wood , exposing the outside. I peered through this hole , but , 5 feet behind it had been placed another wooden panel , cutting off any view of whatever may be outside. Next to this hole , which I now know is a gloryhole , is a glass jar , with a lid – I do not know what that is for .

In the rafters of the building , in one corner , I could see a small , blinking red light. I could work out that this was part of a camera. This was allowing whoever controlled it , to view me at all times.


On the floor , in the centre of the room was a laminated A4 sheet of paper .

I picked it up and read the following…..

Tiffany , you are no longer Tiffany and will from no on only be referred to as “slave”

You , by your own making are now MY slave . You are also a slave to mankind.

You are a chained prisoner here , you cannot escape. I control all aspects of your being. Your life itself depends on me and , if you are to live and be treated well , you will obey everything that you are told to do.

My delivery of food and water , of life itself , depends on you obeying everything that you are told to do . Refusal or lack of effort will simply result in your food and water being withdrawn and you will die a slow death.

In 30 minutes , the light will go off and I recommend that you get a good nights sleep. I have also left you a snack and a lovely cup of tea. There is a tooth brush and a towel , you will shower before going to bed. I will go back to your own vehicle , left in the car park and collect your spare clothing and other personal belongings. After that , I will be scrapping your car. 

In the morning , at 0800 the hatch will open and you will be presented with a lovely , full English breakfast with coffee. HOWEVER , the trough next to the hatch, will be receiving a delivery of my morning piss. YOU MUST drink all of my piss , before you are allowed to touch even just one bite of your breakfast food. I will be watching you on camera, so do not think you can get away with this slave.

After your breakfast , your empty food plates will be slid back out of the room.

All of your meals will be preceded with my piss , which must be consumed fully , before you are allowed to eat your meal.

You will then shower and get dressed in your nastiest , sluttiest clothing , highest of heels and nastiest , heavy , whore make-up. You will then sit on your chair and wait.

As my slave , you are here to work , to earn your keep and make me rich.

You are a worker slave. You have only one job , your one job is SEX.

You have been advertised as a cheap , cock sucking whore . Very cheap actually , you will be sucking dick for £10 a go.

Men who visit have access to the camera image , being broadcast from your prison , so that they can see who you are.

When working , the first thing you will be aware of is a £10 note being tossed through the glory hole.

You make your way over , place the money in the cloth bag provide and then then drop to your knees at the hole. At the end of every night , you will toss your , hopefully full , cloth bag , bag through the glory hole , for me to collect .

Next , a lovely cock will come through the hole , the cock of a stranger , of a man that you will never know or see. He might be young , old , fat , thin , handsome or ugly – it is of no matter to you .  All you have to do is serve that cock with your hands , lips , mouth and throat.

You will give that man the blow job of his life.

When he cums in your mouth , you are to drool his cum in to the glass jar , next to the hole , screw back on the lid and leave it.

After he has left , you are to wash and use mouth wash.

You will then return to your chair and wait for your next customer .

You will suck cock from 0900 to 2000 every day. This is all you have to do . As a slave , you do not question , you do not ask , you just accept and obey.

You are now simply an object – you are cock sucking slave.

I put the laminate down , went to eat my snack and then went to bed.


All of this happened three months ago. I have sucked hundreds of cocks in that time .

Initially , I was sucking about 10 cocks per day , so , making my owner £100 a day , £600 a week ( he gives me one day off a week to rest and that is the day he also turn the television on and lets me watch ). So ,that is working out at a ££31,200 income , per anum for my owner.

He also feeds me breakfast , lunch and dinner through the hatch , but , I cannot consume it until I have drunk his piss.    

I have still never even see the face of my slave Master , but , he himself also puts his cock through the glory hole from time to time . Having me suck his cock and use me in other ways.

Do you remember the glass jar ? At the end of the day , I have at least 10 loads of buyers cum in that jar. My orders are to face the ceiling camera and drink all of that cum down.

My owner has also told me that he streams my cock sucking and cum drinking live to a site on the internet , for thousands of others to pay to watch . He has told me he is earning extra income that way too .

About a month in to my imprisonment and slavery , my owner must have had more thought on how he could make more money out of me.

One day I was ordered to put on the leather hood again and lock it in place. For 30 minutes I could not see , I could only hear. I could hear wood being sawn and drilled.

Once allowed to remove the hood , I was able to see that a new “hole” had been crafted in to the wooden wall , near the glory hole. The hole was quite large.

Next to the hole was an A4 laminate , which I read.

Slave , this hole is large enough for men to bend over and place their arses through.

When a £5 note comes through the large hole you are to get on your knees in front of it .

Your buyer will place his arse through the hole and then you are to spread his cheeks and RIM his arse hole . Whether his arse hole is clean , or dirty and funky does not matter  , you ARE to rim his arse slave.

If a £10 note comes through the big hole , then , you are to rim the buyer and , when he retreats , you are to present your own arse , to him , through the hole.

He will then be fucking you in the arse slave.

He has the choice to fuck you bareback , as I am putting you on PREP, or use a condom.

I will also be giving you “home testing STD Kits , once a week, which I will post off , for lab testing.

We will be keeping you clean slave.

If a man cums in your arse hole , you are to squat over the glass jar and allow it to drip in to the jar . You will be drinking it at the end of the day. If he cums in to a condom , he has been told to leave it with you . You will empty the contents in to the jar too .


So ,i can now see that men can simply purchase a blowjob for £10 , or a blowjob and rimming for £15 , or blowjob , rimming and fucking my ass for £20.

This has INDEED upped the scope of my slavery , numbers have gone up , I am now serving 15 – 20 men a day . My owner tells me his is , on average , now making £200 a day out of me , or £1200 a week , or £62,400 a year from my slavery. He tells me his live streaming camera and photographs are also bringing in £2,000 a week , or £104,000 a year. So , my abductor is making £166,400 a year out of my slavery. He uses me , he sells me , he exploits me , yet , I have still never even seen his face.

A while ago , after about 6 weeks of slavery , I did reach breaking point. I no longer wanted to be in this situation , I begged him to release me , I became a crying mess . Even when a cock came through the glory hole , I did not approach it , I just sat in my chair sobbing. The sobbing turned to screaming “let me go , let me go , I cant do this anymore”

My agony was not acknowledged, my pleading was not answered . All I know is , the glory hole got boarded up and the feeding hatch never opened again. The water was turned off at the toilet , the sink and the shower.

For days I had no liquids or food , was unable to clean myself and my dry toilet started to fill up with my own waste.

It was a harsh realisation that he was going through with his word . He had told me that if I did not obey , that he would ignore me and starve me to death.

i became more hungry , weaker and mentally I was in a mess .

It was a realisation and a turning point that, I had no option but to cave in and comply.

i begged and begged and begged my owner , screaming that I was sorry and would do anything he asked . I did not even know if he was in the vicinity of my prison and was hearing my words. The camera was still running , so , that was my only hope.

IF THERE IS A POINT where a person could be broken , dehumanised and simply become an object of servitude , then , I had reached it . I now fully realised that I was indeed a slave , with no control. My owner had total control of my body and now he had control of my mind. On day 4 , a trough full of piss descended in to the trough followed by a full English breakfast through the hatch . I gulped down my owners piss and the meal.

The glory hole opened and a laminate was pushed though.

It read

“slave , I hope you have learned your lesson . This is not “play” , this is not a game . This is REALITY .This is YOUR reality . YOU ARE an object , you are a slave , you have no choices . You simply exist to serve cock and make me money. There will be no second chances, you will never act like this again , you will never disobey again. If you did , then next time I will simply drive away , never to return “

i now understood fully my situation and my place in this World . Simply a slave to a ruthless , Alpha.

i had been totally broken. There was no point in thinking about anything else any more . All I could think about was hoping that plenty of cocks would still come through those holes to use me , so that I could carry on being fed and watered , be able to carry on living . QUITE SIMPLY , FOR ME , COCK = LIFE.

An hour later , another laminate , which read…..

A blindfold and handcuffs will soon be delivered through the hatch.

You are to place yourself against one of the rooms upright posts. You are to blindfold yourself . You will then handcuff your hands behind your back and wait. You do not need to know anything else.

i did this and heard my owners footsteps enter my prison.

i then heard a noise that I recognised . I heard the sound of the welder fire up again . I had thoughts that he was going to put me in more chains, although , I did not think this necessary as the welded chain , attaching me to the building , had been and is enough.

SUDDENLY I felt pressure and a searing pain against my breast. I felt heat , intense heat , I smelt burning , burning flesh.

i had been wrong , it was not the sound of a welder , but the sound of a blow-torch , My owner had been heating up a branding iron.

I fell to the floor in agony and confusion.

A key was pressed in to the palm of my hand

“I will leave the room . In 20 seconds you can unlock your handcuffs and remove your blindfold and move around freely. “

i did this , managed to get myself to my feet and walked over to the bathroom mirror and threw cold water on my chest. I looked in the mirror and saw my breast , seared and branded in to it were the letters , slave.

i was now marked property, there was no way of escaping my identity now.


So , that was about 5/6 weeks ago and I have been fully back in to the programme. My breast has healed and I am left , etched , as a slave, for ever.

i suck dick , rim arse , get fucked in the arse and drink cum all day long again.

Once a week , on the 7th day , I get the day off to rest and am still allowed to watch TV.

i know the outside World still exists , still runs along , but my world is one of abject imprisonment and slavery – a sex slave. No one knows I am here. Only the men who put their sock inside me know I am here .

About a month ago , my owner must have realised that by keeping me happy , I was more productive when serving cock.

He now allows me to watch television every evening for an hour.

He has also bought me a companion. He has brought in to my space a young , chocolate labrador puppy. Well ,its about a year old. I am told that this is because he is toilet trained and that he only has about 6-12 months to come to maturity and full manhood. I pass him through the food hatch once a day and my owner  , I think , takes him for walks and gives him some sort of other training.

I get to enjoy the company of this puppy during the day . It does make life better for me , having a companion.

My owner has told me “ slave , this puppy will become a fully matured dog , in 6-12months time and he will have additional needs. So , he will be used to generate further income for me as his presence in your room has given me more ideas. I’ll be honest , I don’t really know what he means.    

So , that’s about it . i have been told to write my story for publication and for you to read.

I am told that  I will not be writing any more and to simply return to the glory hole and rimming/fucking hole and get back to servitude.

Before that . I have been promised a nice meal for my efforts and compliance . A lovely meal has just been pushed through the hatch and I am waiting for my owners piss , as I a know I am not allowed to eat food , until I have drunk his piss . I move to the piss trough , waiting for his piss, I am so hungry.

i am waiting….

i am waiting…..

i am waiting….

A log of my owners shit has just landed in the trough………………



So , this is a work of fiction , as you know .

However , it is completely within the realms of reality to make this come true ! Or , be realised in some shape or form.

DO YOU need a sex slave to chain/imprison. Do you have a barn , or a shed , or an outbuilding or even a spare room or cellar to keep a slave and have her serving your cock , or selling het to serve multiple cocks ? Even rent a bedsit or flat and have me chained inside , after all a possible income in the thousands will cover this.

If you desire this and have the means , please do get in touch . You never know , I could be turning up to that remote car park , late at night , following the instructions that you have given me. All you need is the transportation, the room and the chains.

Also See below...................


Entrepreneur/Monied Dom male wanted, or shareholder group of men

Before i begin , the money is ONLY needed for the initial set-up
The money will be re-couped , with interest, so , think of it as an investment !

My desire is to be set up in a business premises. It could be on the high street , or even a private house/bedsit.

The premises would contain one room with a small kitchen area and shower/toilet/sink with a bed in the corner. (like a bedsit)

The entrance hall would have a wall. My living and working quarters would be behind this wall.

In my living quarters i am padlocked in a steel neck collar. Attached to the collar is a very long chain. The chain joins a "tie down"point in the wall or ceiling and the end of the chain is also padlocked there. So , i am in steel bondage , affixed by the neck to the building and unable to remove it. i am captive.

In the wall of the premises will be a glory hole. i can reach the wall and the gloryhole , but my chain will not allow me to go beyond it. i cannot reach the exit. i would be a chained, captive slave.

Food would be delivered to me , or ordered on line.
i would sleep in the bed in the corner and keep clean with the shower/toilet facilities.

The premises would be advertised and men would visit for blow jobs thru the glory hole in the wall , for a nominal fee of about £10.

i would be expected to get through at least 10 men per day , in order to cover the costs of the dwelling and my food and water and make a profit for the owner. 10 is the minimum , naturally , as a slave , i would be expected to service ALL who attended on any day , which could be dozens.

YOU would own and run a blow job slave. You could train a webcam on her and check in with her remotely , to make sure that she is serving at all times , 10am - 10pm , daily.

i would be YOUR 24/7/365 chained cocksucker slave.

If YOU think that you can offer me this and own me as your slave , please get in touch Sir ( UK/Europe preferred)



Tiffany becomes a real slave

I have been ordered to write this .

I am told that this will be my last communication to the outside World.

I have , you see , been transformed to exist as a slave. Sometimes I am in semi-human form , other times… well that will be explained later. 

I used to exist in the outside world as a tgirl (trap, CD/TV) 

I was considered attractive , with my own natural long dark hair , down my back , natural long fingernails , shaved smooth all over. 

I had a natural disposition to be submissive to Alpha Males. You see , I idolised Men, mainly men with a high sex drive who simply lived to get their cocks inside warm , moist holes. Hopefully inside mine. 

I was always at my most content when there was a cock inside me , knowing that I was just a vessel for men to use and get their pleasure from. 

I often preferred it to be roped or chained down, unable to move , knowing that an Alpha cock had no restriction to use my holes at any time they wanted and I had no choice. 

It began just 3 months ago , yet , it seems a life time ago.


I communicated with an Alpha Male on the internet who had lust for submissive tgirls like myself. He explained that he was a Master and felt that all bitches should become property , simply sex slaves , there to provide their submission and holes to strong , assertive , kinky males. 

He called himself “Master X”. 

He told me that he lived alone , in a remote country house with a barn attached. He told me that he owned several successful companies and after several years of manning the helm , he had confidence now in the people that he employed to manage his business interests, that he had stepped aside, allowing others to run his companies , whilst he lived off the constant income but allowing him not to work. 

Master X was a stockily built , strong, hairy man. I fell for him initially from his photographs, as he was powerfully built , dark hair , a dark complexion and was hairy all over. I have a thing for hairy men, it , for me , just adds to the Alpha masculinity.

I love it when a big hairy arse lowers itself on to my tongue , when I am under a rim seat and I am set to rimming his arse hole , with his arse hairs getting wrapped in my teeth. 

You see , in my own profile I had written that I just love to rim a mans arse , I like bondage (being unable to move when a man is invading my holes) and loved men to stretch and gape my hole , with toys and their fist. I had trained my hole over several years , for men to be able to do this. 

My advert had explained that I was ALL about pleasing men and that it was never about me . You see , for me , the MAIN thing is that I am only fulfilled when I know that I am fulfilling the needs and desires of assertive men. It is never about me and I know I just exist to serve and pleasure men, for them to train me in the ways that they like to be serve the best. When I achieve that , it leaves me mentally fulfilled. Fulfilled knowing that I can be the best submissive that I am able to be. 

After days of written correspondence, Master X told me that he turns submissives in to slaves. He explained that slaves have no rights , make no decisions , have no thoughts of their own, that they simply exist to serve the needs and desires of a Master , like himself.  

He said , if I presented myself to him , that I would become a slave – HIS slave.

It appealed to me because , unlike being roped or chained just for “sex” , this man would be enslaving my mind too. Controlling me , training me , using me. My ONE purpose in life would be to serve him and be his slave. 

It was a big decision to make , but , I knew and have always known that it is my destiny to become a slave.


I am not close to my family, barely communicate with them for months on end . My friends too know that I often just take trips abroad , for extended periods, so , it was easy for me to set aside a few weeks where nobody will have even noticed that I was gone. 

The day arrived for me to drive to Master X’s home. 

It was indeed remote , in the countryside. No other buildings or homes around it for miles. 

I arrived dressed, as ordered. Heavy make-up, exquisite lingerie of basque , stockings and suspenders with open back satin panties. A sating blouse over the top and the shortest of skirts. Patent leather , 4 inch heels completed the look. 

I had been ordered to purchase a heavy metal , steel collar, that closed with a padlock. 

I was wearing that around my neck , but , it was closed , at this time , with simply a piece of string, tied in a bow. These had been my instructions.

I had been told to approach the front door of the house and to enter , where I would receive further instructions. 

When I entered the large hallway , there was an envelope on the side table to my right , with the words “open and read slave”. 

I opened the envelope and read the following :

Slave to your right , you can see a long metal chain which is hanging beside you . You can see that the chain is attached to a “track” in the ceiling. On this side table you will find a steel padlock which is open. It is the type of padlock that only needs a key to open it . It does not need a key to close it. You simply snap the padlock shut and then it cannot be removed without the key. You do not need to know where the key is , in any case , it is far away out of your reach anyway.

You will now thread the padlock through your steel neck collar and also thread the padlock hasp through the end of the long metal chain beside you. You will then snap the padlock shut , it cannot be removed. You now have 10 seconds to make the final decision of your existence. You have the choice to now walk away, back through the front door you came in and drive off OR to reach for that padlock, secure your neck to that chain and become the slave that you are destined to become.

The reality of the situation hit me and , yes , I did hesitate. But , I was compelled to reach for that padlock. I knew that this was indeed my destiny, that I needed to be a domestic and sexual slave to a strong , powerful , Alpha male.

I reached for that padlock , thread it through my steel neck collar and chain and snapped it shut.

I had sealed my own destiny.


i looked at the long length of chain that was now securing me to the building.

i noticed another envelope and written on it was "open and read" 

i opened the envelope and read the following.... 

Tiffany, I going to dehumanise you in to becoming simply "an object". An object of submission , a true imprisoned, obeying slave , in every sense of the word. 

You will become my domestic slave , taking care of all the household duties like cooking , cleaning , washing, ironing etc... 

At rest , I will be using your body as human furniture , roped and gagged on all fours as a footrest, or , upright impaled on a metal dildo pole, with light fitting and lampshade on your head , used as ambient standard lamp. Sometimes , just for my amusement , I shall have you displayed. Hanging roped from the ceiling, arms and legs outstretched , ass facing me , hooded and gagged with a giant oxballs pig hole in your arse, so that your arse hole is gaping widely and unable to close. I might even put you on all fours like this and use your arse hole as a vase for my flowers , or a warmer for my cigars or cognac.


I might have an open mouth gag on you and use your mouth as my ashtray, or , urinal so that there is no need for me to make the journey to the bathroom. 

That "thing" between your legs also has no use or function , we shall be taking care of that , for now , by welding on to you permanent, steel chastity.  

Talking about bathroom , it is evident by your love of rimming that you WILL become my human toilet paper , your tongue will be keeping my arse hole clean at all times. Once you have become accustomed to the taste, you shall begin having ALL of your meals and beverages mixed with a little bit of my shit, building up to more - you will never eat untainted food ever again. In no time at all , you will have been trained by that smell and texture to become my full human toilet, I will be taking all of my shits in your mouth too and you WILL swallow them all. 


 You will be consuming ALL of my bodily functions, my spit , my snot , my piss , my shit, the cheese off my cock and my cum. 

I also LOVE giant , prolapsed arse holes. I want your rose bud visible at all times.

I will daily be using large dildos on you and fisting your arse hole. You will be chained in to a fuck machine for a minimum of one hour every day , whilst I enjoy watching television. The goal is for your arse hole to become so stretched and loose that it can no longer close or tighten on anything. You will be put to bed at night (in a cage of course) with a large butt plug up your arse , which is in a harness , so that you cannot push it out. I will RUIN the muscles of your arse , you will never be able to have any resistance to anything that penetrates it.  Very soon , with the rapid training , my fist will be able to slip up your arse hole and you will barely feel it . Your hole will be hanging and prolapsed. I do so LOVE fucking a juicy , moist, prolapsed and seeing it on display at all times. Oh, don't worry that you wont even be able to feel my fist, at that stage , we will be stretching and training it for more , to take TWO fists ! 


Talking about cum earlier Tiffany, I have a VERY high sex drive, I like to cum several times a day. At any moment your mouth or arse hole WILL be invaded by my cock , you WILL become simply a sex object for this purpose and i do always like to piss after I have cum !




You will soon come to realise that you have no choice but to obey and carry out all of my needs. You have told me that you hate pain and I agreed that I will not inflict pain on you Tiffany. However , if you obey , you will not receive pain. If you do not obey , or fail to achieve my needs then, you will have brought it upon yourself to receive sever punishment and pain. So , the choice is yours, I don't want to give you pain Tiffany, but , it is up to you whether you make me do that ! 

I can tell you this Tiffany , it wont take you long to realise that non-compliance results in punishment and after the punishment has been dealt , you are simply given the task to obey again anyway. You will soon realise that it is simply best just to obey , however depraved , first time. 

Soon , you will stop thinking for yourself , you will simply become an object that obeys. THAT is the point where you become a true slave , an absolute object of servitude. You will be surprised at how little time it takes Tiffany.


So , you are finally getting what have you have only dreamed about.

But now the reality of the situation has actually set in ? Having second thoughts ? 

Tough , it is too late - you have sealed your fate , you don't have that choice any more.

And by the way , your name is not Tiffany any more , from now on you shall simply be referred to as cunt.

Now cunt , i am soon coming in to the room to begin your de-humanisation and claim what i now totally own, you ARE NOW A SLAVE , MY SLAVE, YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE.  

When I tire of you or get bored with you , i will simply SELL you on. Mind you , before we reach that stage , I will certainly be considering adding a very large dog to our family !  Naturally , he will have needs too , as all males do < evil grin > and YOU will be taking care of them. 

Take that giant dildo that is next to you and sit on it . You have 2 minutes to do this . Then, I want you on all fours , ass in the air , with your mouth open, ready for my cock. 




N.B As you have probably realised , this is , at the moment , a work of fiction, simply a story. 

However , are YOU the man who needs a REAL sex slave and would write part 2 ?

If so , do get in touch Sir , if you live alone and have the means to keep and train a chained slave. 


You have reached the stage where you wish to transform your submissive or slave in to a human toilet.

This method may help you in that desire.

It has to be said , SHIT is fairly disgusting to the majority of people.

The look , the texture , the smell , the taste is pretty disgusting and off putting to most people.

Even a submissive who has shown an interest in serving you as your toilet is going to have a difficult time adjusting to their new role in their life.

Many more will FAIL to become a competent toilet than will succeed.

So , a logical reason is to make the slave accustomed to the smell and taste, so that it is not repulsive to them.

The method below will help them to achieve this.

Expecting a slave to take , chew and swallow your shit load straight away is probably too much for even the most eager of slaves.

THEREFORE , use this method to get the slave accustomed , stage by stage.

Explain to the slave that its sole purpose , from now on , is to become a human toilet. Any other use of it is just secondary to this purpose.

Explain that , from now on , it is going to ALWAYS consume shit. That’s is its purpose.

Tell it is is never going to eat untainted food ever again. Whatever enters its’ mouth , from now on , will also contain at least SOME of your shit.

Day 1  – Every time you take a shit, you take your slave with you. Have it on its knees, facing your arse hole . Take a plastic food container , hold it under your arse hole and shit in to the container.

The slave is now seeing your shit and also getting used to the smell that you and the shit are producing.

Now, tell the slave that its role is now that of toilet paper. Tell it that after every shit you take , it will use its’ tongue to thoroughly clean you up.



This is the ideal opportunity to have the slave getting used to the taste and smell of just a little shit.

Once the slave has used its tongue as your toilet paper, do not allow it to clean its teeth. It must carry that taste with it all day.

Now , take an ear bud ( small stick with cotton wool on the end ) and dip it in to the shit that you have in the food container. Tell the slave that you are now going to transfer a little of your shit in to its nostrils , so , that it can small your shit all day long. The shit will remain in its nose all day long. Fresh shit is to inserted at night , when it goes to sleep.
In the morning its is ordered to “pick its nose and eat it” – you then replace yesterday nose shit , with fresh shit today.

This will train the slave to be accustomed to the smell.

Put the shit deep inside , lining the nostril . It is no good if the shit can be seen , incase you allow the slave outside where others may see it.

Now , leave the bathroom and take the slave to the kitchen and show it the food blender that you have purchased.

You will tell the slave that it must use this to mix your shit with all fluids that enters its mouth.

Start by offering the slave a cup of tea or coffee, right now.

It is important the slave is allowed to prepare its drink just as it likes. With sugar , milk etc.. however it takes it.

When you took your shit , you pissed as well . You collected this piss in a drinks tumbler.

Hopefully , when you had a shit , you produced a decent quantity , perhaps the volume of at least two chicken breasts.

You instruct your slave to take half of the shit and place it in the blender. You then instruct the slave to take your piss and pour it in the bender and then, mix them on high speed together.

( an example of an Alpha feeder , making a shit shake and feeding a male toilet https://thisvid.com/videos/jock-toilet-drinks-a-shit-shake/ )

Instruct the slave to pour the “shit shake” in to a tall , plastic tumbler that has a lid.

Your shit shake tumbler and shit food container , with lids , will now reside in the fridge all day. 

You will explain to the slave that , for liquid refreshments, it must prepare its beverage and then add an inch of your shit shake to the final product.

It will go back and forth to the fridge , to add your liquid shit , throughout the day , to everything that it drinks.

You will praise your slave for doing so well.

Now offer the slave breakfast. Something light , at this stage.

You offer it toast. You tell the slave it can have anything it wants on its toast , butter , peanut butter , jam etc…

Your slave makes its choice and makes toast for itself and for you.

Just before the slave is ready to add its choice of topping to its toast , you instruct it to go to the fridge and remove your shit container.

Instruct the slave to take a knife and spread a thin layer of your shit on to its’ toast. Once it has done that , it can then add its other toppings.



You go to the dining table , eat your toast , whilst the slave eats its shit toast on the floor.

If you need to piss again , you can give a glass of your piss to the slave to drink , or , offer it another tea or coffee or water , naturally mixed in to it an inch of your shit shake.

As the slave sits on the floor , eating its shit toast, explain to the slave that it is to be dehumanised. Tell it its role , from now on , is to be trained to become a fully consuming human toilet with its goal to completely consume the entire shit loads that come out of your arse hole. If the slave has a name , stop using it . From now on , just call it toilet , whenever you need to speak to it.

During the day , you will both have lunch and dinner , maybe snacks too and beverages.

EVERY meal or drink that the slave consumes though will have a little of your shit.

Examples of “shit meals”


Toast , with shit spread. Porridge/cereals – the slave’s milk has added shit shake. Pancakes with shit topping. Scramled eggs , with shit scrambled inside , same goes for omelettes. Full English breakfast , one of the slaves sausages is substituted with a shit log sausage.


Caeser salad with chicken or tuna. The slave’s salad dressing is combined with shit shake. A sandwich , the slaves mayonnaise is mixed with shit. A hot dog , the slaves ketchup is mixed with your shit. Soup , shit shake is mixed with the slaves liquid soup or even small chunks of your shit can be dropped in with a chunky soup like vegetable , beef and onion etc…

Dinner :

Burger and chips : slave has one beef pattie , with a shit pattie on top.

Chili con carne – the slaves carne has shit mixed in.

Fish and chips : The slaves chips are covered in a shit gravy/sauce , mixed in a blender but a bit thicker than the regular shit shake.

Pad Thai noodles. The slaves sauce mixed with shit.

Pizza – small chunks of your shit sitting on top.

Chicken in a white wine sauce – the slave will have a brown shit sauce combined.

Full roast dinner , beef/chicken or lamb with the works ( vegetables , potatoes and gravy) The slaves gravy will be shit gravy.




EVERY night , when the slave is put to bed , any remaining shit of yours , in the container in the fridge , is to be transferred to a latex re-breather hood mouth piece. The slave wears the hood as it sleeps. Every air intake it takes is infused with the odour of your shit , it will be smelling your shit for 8 hours every night, as it sleeps.

Day 2 - In the morning, the shit is removed and disposed of , and any of the previous days shit and shit shake is to be disposed of.

It is time for you to produce your daily fresh shit , for the slaves consumption.

Your slave follows you to the bathroom for its arse cleaning / toilet paper duty and , as each day goes by , you can leave a little extra nugget of your shit in your hole and produce it for your slave to consume direcyly.

Day 3/4/5/6 You follow the regular routine of taking your morning shit , using the slaves tongues as toilet paper but producing slightly more fresh shit nuggets , for your slave to consume . By day 6 it should now be eating a small sized log from your hole. Shit on toast will gradually increase in thickness/quantity , as will the shit that is combined with all of its other meals.  

Day 7 - HOPEFULLY , the slave will be well accustomed to the smell and taste of your shit.

Praise your slave and , to mark it as an occasion , have your slave make a special meal.

On this occasion, as you pour yourself a glass of wine to accompany your meal , you will pour a glass of pure shit shake , for your slave to consume.

Your slave should also now be ready for a decent quantity of your pure shit .  If you don’t think it is quite ready , just go along with the shit training procedures that you have been following so far , until you feel it is ready.

Tell the slave to make you both a slap up breakfast.

Sausages , bacon , eggs , hash browns , beans , tomatoes , toast – the works.

Tie your slaves hands behind its back , on the floor.

Explain to it that it MUST consume everything on its breakfast plate. Tell it that it will not be allowed another meal or drink that day if it does not clean its plate.

However , tell it , for every bite of breakfast food that it takes and consumes on the plate , it must also take one bite of  your fresh shit , from the container.

Now , spoon feed the slave a spoon of your shit , followed by an equal amount of its human breakfast.

Do not let the slave feed itself , it is important that YOU serve this meal to the slave. It is showing that this is what YOU want and that you are in charge. Praise the slave after every bite of fresh shit.

Tell the slave “you know you need to do this to honour me. It is what I want. It will make you the best slave that exists. There are many slaves but there are very , very few toilet slaves. You will prove to your Master that you are the best slave that he could have and you will make him proud. “

If the slave completely finishes the breakfast and shit meal , you have a success. If it does not accomplish this – then , this is where you NEED to be quite harsh.

For non- compliance. You will verbally admonish the slave. You will get nasty and angry. You will rope  gag and blindfold it in a room on its own, that has a mattress on the floor.  You will tell it that it will not be eating or drinking at all today and you will come back to it tomorrow. If you have a cage , then cage it. Tell it it hopes that you will tomorrow accomplish all that is needed of it , consume all of your shit with the food or , it will simply result in it being starved and roped in isolation again, for yet another day.

Hopefully , this 24hr isolation will make the slave realise that , if it does not obey and consume all , that it is never going to eat or drink again. Yes, there will be tears and tantrums , just ignore the slave , this is just something that it has to go through and is actually beneficial to you .

The following day , the slave should be better adjusted by now and you can start this breakfast routine again.

When the slave has successfully achieved this task , you will praise it. You will praise it so much. You will say to it “ You are no longer a slave , you are no longer even human , you are now , and forever more will be a TOILET. You are MY toilet and a toilet to any other man that I loan you to.

Day 8 - The full conversion accomplished - Tomorrow slave, you begin your real role and will accompany me to the bathroom , where you will consume the shit directly from my arse hole.

You will consume half of the shit from my arse hole and we will keep the other half for your meals throughout the day.

You will wash it down with my piss.

YOU ARE NOW a toilet .

“You will keep aside SOME of the piss and shit , to combine with your food and beverages throughout the day. As I said before , you are never eating pure human food ever again. If we go out , you will take small pots of my shit and shit shake with you in your handbag. If we stop anywhere for a snack or meal , you will combine what human food I give you there , with some of my shit.

I expect you to accomplish everything from now on. Any infraction will result in 24hrs bound isolation with food and beverages withheld.

For any SERIOUS future infractions , I will fit in your mouth a Jennings gag , a metal gag that keeps your mouth open. I will place in your mouth dog shit , or pig shit or cow shit and I will tape over your gag with gaffa tape. The tape and gag will NEVER be removed until you have swallowed that animal shit.


So , would you rather be eating my shit , or animal shit, my toilet ?

I think I know what you don’t want – so , good , just do everything I want , everything I order from now on and I will spare you that.

From now on you are to be consuming EVERY function that comes out of my body.

You will be eating all of my daily shit , my piss , my spit , my snot and my cum .

You are simply a vessel to recycle all of my waste.



N.B It needs to addressed that a human could not remain healthy if it ate great quantities of shit EVERY day. The same goes with piss. This is why you still need to feed it other beverages/fluids like tea, coffee , soft drinks , water to wash out toxins. The morning routine of eating half of the shit out of your arse hole every day too WOULD lead to a deterioration in the slave’s health. So , that particular activity is probably better suited to carrying out every 3 days , but the shit food mix, which has smaller quantities , can probably be carried out daily.





***I have always fantasised about being transformed in to a latex rubber sex doll ***

Clad head to toe in a latex rubber, catsuit, gloves, mask, overgrown breasts etc...
Used in the home as an object, i don't speak - i am just a sex doll after all, just put in to position to pleasure you orally and anally.

Perhaps also taken out to fetish clubs/events, collared, again silent - just available to you and onlookers to give pleasure on the spot - no talking, no noise, no choice - i am just a sex doll after all!

In your home i would be kept in a box , or a wardrobe , only to brought out when needed to be used for sex.

Do you have the means to clothe me? Transform me? Take me in and out of your box/cupboard when you need the service of a sex doll? Possess me ? Control me?

i LOVE this suit below from www.l

*** Tiffany captured and tricked in to becoming a human sex doll ***

I had connected with MASTER HAYTHAM on a BDSM Fetish contact site.

He was the owner of a fetish store and he said that he had been on the BDSM for several years.
He had carefully studied my own profile and had seen that I had an immense interest in being used like a slut, being covered head to toe in latex – to look like a human doll - and a desire to be kept in inescapable bondage.

He told me he had the same interests but as a Mater/Keeper, naturally.
He sent me his picture in which he was dressed head to toe in latex and was wearing a latex hood.
He had the body of just an average guy but he looked amazing in his latex suit.
Before I agreed to visit him for a play session, i insisted that he sent me his face picture – after all , I needed to be attracted to him and also to see that he did not look like some kind of maniac.
He returned his face picture and he was a very distinguished and handsome man. Probably in his mid 40’s, just like I like them a “Daddy” type.

I arrived at his home in the morning, where he told me that he had his own playroom/dungeon.
He opened the door and he was dressed, just like in his picture, in head to toe latex. All I could see were his dark eyes and his lips/ mouth.

He invited me in and told me “ Tiffany , we are going to take it slow at first , after all , I want you to like me and build trust in me”. “Let me show you my play room first. His playroom was filled with all sorts of kinky, fetish , BDSM implements but the centrepiece was a huge cage. It must have been 12 feet square. Inside was a bed. “This is where my slaves sleep overnight” , he told me.

He opened the door to the cage and secured it open with a padlock which attached it to a side wall.
“Tiffany , go inside and “test” the strength of the steel bars and where each wall of the cage meets. I want you to do your best to find if there is a flaw , a weak point or any way of getting out. I have deliberately locked the door open, as I want you to feel safe”
With the cage door open , I was happy to venture inside and spend time testing the security of the cage. It was indeed strong and it was obvious that, once inside, there was no way to escape it.
“Now Tiffany , I am going to lock the door of the cage , but you stay outside of it. When the heavy steel door is locked , I want you to test that too , to see if it can be opened or forced in any way”.
I did that and the door was indeed fully secure. I realised that once that door was locked and somebody was inside , there was no way that they could escape.

“Any way”, he said “that is all for when you have got to know me better , for when you have built trust in me and you can experiment with your total captivity fantasies and we can set a time limit if you like , maybe just an hour or two to start , leading to overnight. We will build it up at your pace.”
“Now , let us return to my drawing room and talk some more about your needs and MY needs.

In the drawing room, he fixed me a glass of wine and we began to talk.
I sipped on the wine as we went over our email correspondence in a prelude to what I believed would be “play” time.
After a few minutes, I began to feel a bit strange, it was if I was in the room but not quite in it , if you get what I mean. My head was getting cloudy and I felt very strange, infact , I felt like I was going to pass out.

..........My body was rigid when I started to come around. I could not work out what was going on. It took me a few minutes to work out the memories of what had led up to this moment. I could recall being in the drawing room and feeling rather strange. After that, I could not remember anything. I was confused and anxious. I could not work out why my body was rigid. I could not move my arms or legs and I felt that there was something solid , pressing against my skin , all over my body. When I tried to move my head , that too was rigid and it felt like there was some sort of plastic or resin pressing against my face. My ass was feeling full too , whenever I gripped on my ass sphincter I felt like there was something inside me. All I knew was that I was lying flat on my back and all I could see was a dim light in the ceiling.

“ Ahh Tiffany , I see you are coming back” said
MASTER HAYTHAM. “Tiffany , I have to inform you that I slipped something in to your wine. It caused you to pass out and you have been unconcious for 2 hours now. Let me explain more by just showing you what has happened to you.”
The next thing I know is that I could hear the sound of a small motor , starting up. I could feel my body being raised in to a standing position. I was still rigid as I was lifted.
As I was lifted fully vertically my eyes focussed on a full length mirror that was directly in front of me.

In the mirror I saw my reflection. However , I did not see myself. What I saw was a shop front mannequin, of the hard plastic variety. The mannequin was female , with large breasts and a seductive figure. The mannequin had eye holes and I suddenly realised , as those eyes moved that they were MY eyes. I came to the realisation that I was trapped INSIDE this mannequin.

MASTER HAYTHAM spoke “Tiffany , you are encased in this mannequin. I have built it exactly to your dimensions but I have super enhanced the breasts and hips. I have also built it so that the limb joints can move and I can place you in to several , convenient positions. Each joint though has a mechanism that I can click in to place , which will make you totally rigid. This is how you are now , totally rigid , unable to move and totally trapped , fully encased and I can tell you now that there is no escape... I have total control over you. “

“I imagine you are wondering what that fullness in your ass is ?. Well , I have inserted a rigid , hollow butt plug up your anus. This means that your ass is permanently gaped and open. Attached to the butt plug is a hose , the hose is used to catch and drain away any waste products that you evacuate. Also , in your genitals I have inserted a catheter. It goes right inside you , in to your bladder. The long catheter tube runs down your leg and exits the mannequin near your foot. Attached to the end of the tube is a collection bag. You see Tiffany , you no longer have control over your toilet functions. Quite simply all body fluids and waste products now run , hygienically , in to collection points , outside of the mannequin. After all , we have to keep you clean inside there , don’t we ?”

My mind was racing, trying to process all of this information , trying to process what had happened to me.

“You see Tiffany , I have been searching for a human doll for many years and when I came across your profile , I knew that I had found the one. I have been carefully planning your , let us call it your abduction and captivity , for quite some time now. You need to know and realise Tiffany , that there is NO escape, this is how you will exist from now on and I have many plans for you”.
“I have another surprise for you Tiffany”

MASTER HAYTHAM turned his back to me and began to remove his latex mask. When it was completely off , he turned to face me. I was horrified to see that it was not the face of the man sent to me in the pictures. It was the face of a man who must have been in his 60’s. He had boils on his face and liver spots and was , to put it bluntly, quite ugly and repulsive.

“I have no fears showing you my face Tiffany , as you will never be able to reveal to anyone who I am. The fact is , you have no escape , you will spend the rest of your life, and of my life, as my captive human doll. There is no way that you will ever have contact with anyone who is not an insider on your predicament , in order to revel my true identity.”

The realisation of the magnitude of this situation was kicking in. I was angry with myself that it was myself who had actually asked for it , in my fantasies , to become a human doll.

“Let me tell you how you are going to spend your days Tiffany”

“Firstly , you are to become a mannequin in the window of my fetish store. You will be dressed daily in the kinkiest of outfits that I have for sale in my shop and you will be displayed , on full view, to the public and shoppers who pass by every day. That mouth piece in your mannequin head is interchangeable. The mouthpiece can be left off , so that there is full access to your lips OR an attachment of a mouth gag can be clipped on instead.

 When you are the mannequin in my shop window , you will be gagged. No one can hear you through the thick glass of the display window , but , with your mouth gagged , it is just an extra precaution.

The eye parts on your mannequin head are also interchangeable. At the moment , your eye parts are open. You are able to see a limited amount of the world around you and fully comprehend what is going on. When you are in the shop window , on display , the eye parts will have plastic mannequin eyes clipped in to place. They will be semi opaque , you will be able to see out but no-one will be able to see your eyes behind the attachment. You will witness the public staring at you and admiring you in your saucy outfits. You will witness all of the dirty old men who pause for just a bit too long as they gaze upon you , you will know that they would want to fuck any woman who was dressed like that. Nobody will know that you are actually trapped inside there. The joints in your mannequin body are , as I said before , able to be contorted in to many different positions. Some days I will just have you stood upright in the window, some days , when you are wearing the sleaziest and most provocative of garments , I will pose you in far more erotic and inviting positions. Every day you will look like a slut and turn men on who pass by the shop window.

Although I said that the general public will not be aware that you are a living doll , trapped inside that mannequin body in my shop window, I need to tell you that I have a mailing list of hundreds of kinky men who know ALL about your plight and have been sworn to secrecy. Infact ,they are aware of you right now as I have been broadcasting your dilemma on the internet to them , they have watched your transformation process every step of the way so far.

Naturally , they ALL want to meet you Tiffany. They have seen what you look like , in human form and are very turned on by your loveliness. They are now even more turned on though , to see you now as this human doll.

At the end of your “working day” you are to be removed from the shop window. You will be taken to my dungeon playroom and your butt plug, waste collector will be removed. You will then be given a thorough enema. Your mouth gag will be removed too and your luscious lips will be exposed.
You will be placed in an “on all fours” position and locked rigid in to place.

Out of these hundreds of men who subscribe to my internet broadcasts of you , perhaps 20 or 30 per evening will visit the playroom. They are ALL going to want to thoroughly use your mouth and fuck your ass hard. You are to drink EVERY drop of cum that these men produce when they explode when you are sucking them, after all , you need every bit of nutrition that you can get hold of , don’t you Tiffany ??? After they have cum they might need to piss too !

If they explode up your ass in a condom , then they will remove the cum filled condom and pour the contents down your throat. You ass and mouth are to be used to give unlimited pleasure to ANY man who desires it. You will drink copious amounts of cum , daily , for the rest of your life.

At the end of the evening, I have another slave who will prepare and bring you a meal ( no fluids , as the piss has seen to that)  to consume. After all , you need proper nutrition as I am expecting you to survive as a captive , human, sex doll for many , many years.

 I will make A LOT of money off these men , using you as a human sex doll whore. The webcam broadcasts of your use and abuse will also generate income for me.
At the very end of the day , your butt plug waste disposer will be locked back in to place. You will be placed in the inescapable cage in my playroom and laid on the bed , for you to be able to get a full 8hrs sleep.

Upon waking , you will be supplied with breakfast and fluids and you will be taken back to the shop window, to be placed in a new fetish outfit and your mouth gag and eye pieces re-attached. Your urine and faeces will drain away as you spend another day as shop window doll.

So Tiffany , it looks like you have gotten what you asked for . I believe you said …. an immense interest in being used like a slut, being covered head to toe to look like a human doll and a desire to be kept in inescapable bondage.

Now wipe your tears away girl , your new life , your new existence as a human sex doll in inescapable bondage begins right now. Let me just fetch clothing and the trolley in order to move you to the shop window.

 And by the way , there are already 40 men booked in to use your mouth and ass this evening.

Enjoy the rest of your existence Tiffany “


Story - Tiffany is transformed in to a dog - and is made to serve dog cock

I saw an advertisement placed, of all places , on a fetish site.

I had been out of work for 6 months and so was happy to take almost anything that came along.

Oddly , it was only placed in the sissy section of the site.

The advert stated “ I am a  Dominant Alpha on the fetish scene but , in regular life , I am a caring person who cares mostly for animals. I am seeking a caring sissy to work in our Dog Kennels , where we take in strays and try to re-home them. Your duties would be restricted to clerical duties , as I provide all the care to the stray dogs. I am seeking sissies as I care about sissies too . I will provide an environment for you to work “dressed” , so , you will become your true self. It is a full time position. I am sorry it is minimum wage , but , every penny is ploughed in to caring for these lonely , neglected animals.

Contact me for further details and interview, MR AJ. “

So , the position appealed to me enormously , a chance , at last , to spend my work life dressed as I pleased , presenting my true sissy self and helping a good cause.

Interview day came and I was quite taken aback to find that Mr AJ , was a handsome , bull of a man. I thought to myself , “well , if I don’t get the job , maybe I will get a date ! “

I dressed for the interview in office attire. An elegant satin blouse , with matching satin short skirt , fully fashioned nylons , with satin suspender belt and fully fashioned nylons. I wore my newly purchased 4 inch stilletoe heels . I had had my hair and nails done and I felt that I looked quite good . Naturally , my genitals were locked in a steel chastity cage. I was pleased with myself.

Mr AJ told me that he was most impressed with my C.V and the way that I had presented myself.

He asked me about myself , whether I lived alone , or in a house share. He asked me about my family and how often I saw them.

I told him that I lived alone and had no contact with my family , after my brother had outed me to them as a crossdressing sissy. They had disowned me and I had not had contact with them for years.

I told them that any close friends had wandered off too , as , being unemployed ,I did not have the funds to join them on nights out etc… People are fickle and it was tough to find out that they were not friends at all , when they dropped me like a stone .

“Well Tiffany , you will be welcomed and accepted here and you do impress me a lot, I am sorry about the way that you have been treated , you will be treated well and accepted here.

The administration side of the business has overwhelmed me , I wonder , can you start tomorrow ?”

Well , I was thrilled , I returned to my lonely home , excited that things were on the turn for me .


The clerical work was fine and I actually enjoyed it , knowing that I was doing good for these poor , homeless dogs and grateful for the safe environment that Mr AJ provided me .

He was a great employer too , he always brought me a sandwich or something , when he went out to the store on his lunch break . He brought me coffee , every couple of hours or , whenever I asked for one or not . He took good care of me .

The added bonus was that I got to wear my sexy clothing every day and that he even encouraged me to wear sluttier and sluttier clothing . It helped that he was so handsome , he certainly was wonderful eye candy and I looked forward to his time when he came in to the office , when he was not attending to the dogs .

As time went on , I began to realise that he was only taking in male dogs. Also , none of them were neutered and I asked him if we should not be referring them to be castrated ?

“Oh Tiffany” , he said “ I have found it best not to have female dogs brought in to the kennels, as the male dogs get very vocal and “frisky” and agitated . Also , I don’t get them castrated as , when we finally place them with some families , they like to have the option of having them breed , in the future , so that they can enjoy the addition of puppies to their family”

It was an acceptable and understandable answer.

As time went on Mr AJ also got more flirty with me . Naturally , when normal conversations had been worn out , he approached the subject of my sex life. Well , I am a pretty open minded and open person , after all , I did find him on a fetish site !

He soon got it out of me that I was insatiable for Alpha cock , that I could not get enough of it . I loved cock down my throat and up my arse.

“Well , I wonder if you would like to show me how good a cock sucker you are Tiffany ? “

I could not believe he was asking me this , I had been yearning for his cock since the day I started working for him !

Soon I was on my knees , my nose in his musky pubes with his cock deep down my throat. I rhythmically pumped his cock in my mouth, I was loving every second.

“Wow , slow down Tiffany , I want to enjoy you more and not bust just now”. “ Bend over my dear” , he said. Soon his cock was inside my ass. He was pounding me as I gripped on to my desk , to steady myself . I soon felt the pulsations of his cock as he loaded my arse hole with his cum.

“You are quite wonderful Tiffany” he said. If you are willing , I would like to feed you my cock every day.”  I could not believe my ears, this strong Alpha wanted to use me every day , I immediately said “Yes Please”.

So over the following days , he began his day by telling me to get on my knees. “Tiffany , you know I am a Dominant Alpha and MR.AJ seems a little timid now that we know each other very well , would you like to call me MASTER instead , it would make me feel much better , would it make you feel better ?

“Oh yes Master” I replied.

So , for a week , we got in to a routine where I would turn up for work in sluttier and sluttier clothing and Master would fuck my ass and mouth several times per day , in between my clerical duties.

After 2 weeks , Master brought me my second coffee of the day and said “Tiffany, you are so very appealing , you have shown me that you are a true slut for cock and don’t seem to be able to get enough of it . You are remarkable, you are JUST what I have been looking for . I might have a promotion for you. It is more interactive and will make you lots more friends”

With those words in my ears , I suddenly began to feel woozy and managed to stutter out “ I am sorry Master , but , I don’t quite feel right, I don’t know what is hhhhaaaappppening……….



I woke up , gradually , very confused . I went to try to stand up , but , I was unable to do so. My vision was restricted and my eyes were looking through two , perforated holes , in some sort of material.

I looked down at my legs and I could not see my feet ! My legs had been bent backwards and restricted in some way. I looked at my arms and I could not see my fingers . My arms had been bent back and restricted. My body was covered in some kind of strong fabric , by the smell of it , I could tell it was leather. I looked to my right and , at the end of the building was a small mirror. What I saw , looking back at me , was someone in a leather dog suit . The head was covered by a leather dog mask. It had dog ears and a snout , just like a dog . I realised I was looking at myself and I was inside a dog suit . I had the appearance of a dog , I had been transformed and you could see no sign of the “human”.

I saw that I was inside a large cage , a dog cage . Around my neck was a dog collar , but , this was no ordinary collar , it was solid steel . I looked for the lock or padlock that was keeping it in place . There was not one . I could see that the collar was smooth , it had been welded around my neck.

Attached to the collar was a 10 meter long chain , the end of which ran up in to the ceiling of this building , whatever this building was . The ceiling was about 8 metres high , there was no way that I could reach the end of this tethered chain , but , in any case , there was no lock on this chain , it had been welded too.

I looked around further and , beside me and opposite me was a row of dog cages , each containing a dog. There must have been 24 cages and dogs in total.

Infront of me was dog bowl , containing water and I realised that there was a suction tube coming out of my snout . I was thirsty , so I aimed the open end of the tube in to the dog bowl , and drank.

I started to come more to my senses when Master came Into the room .

“Ahh , Tiffany , I see you are back with us . I am afraid I slipped a sleeping drug in to your last coffee, you’ve been out of it for 4 hours , but that gave me plenty of time to prepare you for your new promotion and take care of your external commitments.

You see Tiffany , I am a strange man, I have very little empathy for humans , I am entirely devoted to the health and welfare of dogs. It has actually been quite hard for me to be “nice” to you , over the past few weeks. I only did it , to achieve my grand plan.

You see , when I placed the advert , I had this all in mind , all along . I must say you turned out to be  a far better candidate than I had hoped for .

Whilst you have been asleep , I have visited your landlord. I have told him that you have had to leave town on a family emergency and that you will not be coming back . I have ended your contract on your tenancy. I apologised to your landlord for leaving all of your personal item and paid him £2000 to have your flat cleared. I am afraid it is all gone Tiffany, your phones , your computers , you address book , even your birth certificate, you wont be needing any of that anymore. I have wiped your existence and identity Tiffany. I have transformed you in to a dog Tiffany , lets be more precise ,a bitch.  Oh , I even have a new name for you , it is LOLA . I find that name suitably sleazy.

So , Lola , let me tell what your life now entails.

You are no longer considered a human , you are now , simply ,a dog , a female dog ,a bitch.

You cannot get out of that suit on your own , you never will , your appearance is that of a dog. You can only walk on all fours. The steel collar around your neck and the chain cannot be removed . You are tethered to the building and you can never leave this place. When you are not at work , you will be caged in this cage. Your work area is in the centre of this room . You will only , from now on , see the walls of this building. Your only companions are the 24 male dogs in this building . Don’t worry , they will soon get to like you , they will get to like you VERY much.   

You may look around . You will see that there are no small dogs in these kennels , they are all medium or large size . You already know that they are all males , males who’s balls are intact , along with their libidos.

You see Lola , I care so much about these dogs and their well being. After weeks or months in kennels , they have had no access to bitches and their libidos and hunger for a hole is through the roof.

You see , I don’t really care about you , or how you feel . To me your are just a dog , a bitch . You are the lowest in this pecking order , as myself and these 24 dogs are Alpha Males and you are the lowest of the low , an inferior sissy. A sissy that society turned its back on , as they despise you .

I despise you too , I despise all sissies. To me you are simply an object who is here to serve.

You may be thinking to yourself that this is a nightmare , that you do not want this , that you want this to stop right now and for me to release you ?

I am sorry Lola , you must realise that there is no way out , no escape . This is your only role in life now , to serve the cocks of dogs and any other beasts of my choosing.

Serve them well and I will make sure that you are well fed and watered. I want to keep your strong and healthy , to cope with the onslaught of dog cock inside you.

If you rebell , or try and refuse to serve them , then , I will simply remove your food and you will starve and die . I might fill your bowl with my piss though , or dog piss , to teach you a lesson, whenever you do not perform well enough. I wonder how long you would survive if I fed you only dog food ?

I am going to leave you here for 30 minutes now Lola , as what I have said is a lot to take in.

It will give to time to digest and accept your new role in life.

By the way , you are no longer allowed to use human words.

There will only be two sounds in your vocabulary from now on , one is “Woof” for yes , and “woof ,woof” for no. That’s all the vocabulary you will need from now on “

Master turned and left the building and I heard the heavy door slam and was bolted.

For 30 minutes my mind was in turmoil . This was all a nightmare. I cannot live like a dog , I cannot be fucked in my ass 24 times or more a day by 4 legged beasts. I spent all of the time crying in to the dog mask that was wrapped around my head. I crumpled in to a heap in my cage.

I kept running it through my head , if I don’t comply , he will simply cut off my food and allow me to die . No one knows I am here , no one will be looking for me , there is no hope of my salvation.


After 30 minutes , Master returned , to turned to me in my cage and said

“Now Lola, are you ready proceed with your true purpose of your life ? “

 I meakly replied


“Good . Now , turn around , your dog suit has a strategically cut out large round hole around your arse hole . Friends of mine own female dogs , bitches and on this rag is the juices of those bitches cunts. I am just going to rub these juices in to your arse hole. It is fortunate that those bitches were on heat , as the smell will drive my dogs wild.”

“Now . lets drag you out of that cage. “

“There we are , well done on walking on all fours for the first time. Lets just add some lube to your arse hole.”

“Naturally Lola , I will be coming in here to fuck you and throat fuck you too , from time to time . I will also be telling all of my friends about you , some of them own dogs too ! I might even offer you up on the Dark Web too , and seel your services , for a fee , to other men and their dogs . I might as well make some money out of you to pay for your upkeep.

“My goodness Lola , the aroma from your arse hole has gotten my boys so hyped up, your cunt juice has filled the room . . Just listen to that cacophony. I can even see that dozens have them have their dicks out of their sleeves already . I can see that some of them must be 7 inches long , the larger dogs , well they must be 9 inches. Oh just wait until they ride and fill you up with dog cum Lola. Then of course , you will feel their knot . Their knots will swell to the size of a grapefruit and you will attached to them for several minutes , locked ,  until their cocks go down . Your arse hole will be stretched to its’ limits and your guts will be full of dog cum.”

Master turned and brought  “Rufus” out of his cage. He was a chocolate labrador. He ran at almost full speed towards me. The 23 other dogs were howling , I guess , wondering how soon it would be to get their turn . I could see his 8 inch dog cock sticking proudly outside of his body . Then , I felt his front legs on my shoulders as he mounted me. I tried to “run away” but soon ran out of freedom , as the chain in the ceiling had extended to its full length and I had nowhere else to go as it held me in place. I smelled his dog breath though my own snout and then , I felt his dog dick at the entrance of my arse hole. His was to be the first of many, the origin of my lifetime of submission to dog cock.

As months went by , I lost my humanity. I lost all sense of what I had ever been before .

In my head , I BECAME a dog.

Master was benevolent and allowed me to make friends with some of the dogs . He even let them sleep inside my cage at night sometimes , so I could cuddle with them and feel the warmth of another creature . This of course , would often lead to them getting horny and fucking me in the middle of the night . It was a small price to pay though for companionship.

Unknown to me at first , Master was mixing small quantities of dog food to my human food . He increased the ratio gradually , so , I got used to it . Now , when Master cannot be bothered or is short on time , he simply opens a can of dog food and pisses in my bowl for my sustenance for the day.


As the months went on , Master introduced pigs and  horses , but…… that is another story. 


Tiffany turned in to a sex slave by Black men 

A few years back I spent time on and off with several
shall we say more dominating types of gentlemen
One of them, who for this I shall call Leroy, just loved
when we got together to make me totally helpless.
It was our 6th or 7th meeting. Leroy and i had been chatting on Yahoo
and when he found out i was free that weekend he insisted on coming over later that afternoon.
We talked about what he wanted me to bewearing when he arrived.
We settled on 4pm and I wasto be wearing a red waspie, black fully fashioned nylon stockings,
black bra, short tight black skirt, red long sleeved button up satin blouse and 5 inch black heels. It was about noon time so I had plenty of time to get myselfready.

Leroy arrived right on time as always.
I greeted him at the door with a hug and kiss and he returned the favour.
We went into the living room where I had a nice bottle of white wine and a cheese and cracker plate on the coffee table.
We sait on the couch together, drank some wine and chatted before he started to
caress my legs and press into me to kiss me.
It was like old high school days making out and Leroy was loving it.
It got kind of hot, me laying back on the couch, Leroy on top of me, kissing me, my legs entangled in his, it was wonderful.

Eventually he started to unbutton my blouse and pulled it off, he pushed me to my feet and pulled off my skirt then pulled me back down on top of him where we continued our kissing, only now he was nibbling on my ears and kissing my neck. I was so turned on and hot.

I was so worked up and started to work my way down his body to give him what I know every man really wants.

As I reached his belt with my kisses he held my shoulders tight and said "wait"….he then pushed me up and had me stand up. He then said he would be right back and went out to his car.
I waited a minute or so before he returned with a bag. He took my hands and said if we were
going to do this we would do it right.

He then pulled out several ropes form the bag and went about binding my wrists behind my back. He then undid by bra and removed it, which was strange because he had never removed it completely before. Then with another rope he wrapped it around my chest and forearms pulling tight making sure that the ropes around my chest went above and below my breast area. Next he
took another rope and worked that behind my back and around the rope that he had put around my arms and chest. Each time he would pull it tighter and tighter. This did two things, it pulled my arms further back, making me helpless and it also pulled the ropes around my chest in so it made my small breasts look larger and it protruded my nipples.

It was amazing to watch that happen and I was loving it.

Another shorter rope he tied to my wrists pulled them up and wrapped it around the ropes at my forearms and then took the two ends and draped them over my shoulders and down to the ropes around my chest where he tied them off.

Next he pulled out this narrow couch table we used to put keys on and positioned it in the
middle of the room before me. He had me stand up really close to it straddling the two legs on the end.
He then went about binding my legs to the legs of the table. Next, he tied a final rope to the ropes he draped across my shoulders and pulled me forward so Iwas laying down on top of the table. He tied off the rope to the end other end of the table so I could not rise up.

There I was, totally helpless and at his mercy. The next thing I know is he is stuffing a ball gag between my lips and telling me to “open wide bitch”…once it was in he buckled it up behind my head. He had pushed the ball in so far and buckled it on so tight that not a single word was coherent, coming from my mouth. Instead, all that could be heard were muffled moans and groans.

You can just visualise me, flat on the table, tied and unable to move and my legs spread wide ,fixed to the legs of the table.

My mouth was gagged and i was already beginning to drool.

At this point he took out his camera phone and took a few pictures, only 3 or 4 at the most.
He then began to make several calls on his cell phone.

As he was making the calls he walked away into the kitchen where I could not hear his conversation.
A few minutes passed before he came back and pulled up a chair next to me.
He kissed my cheek, slapped my ass and sat down and went about telling me I was in for a real
treat. In his words, “You wanted to be a slut so I am going to make you a slut, you are going to become a real Black men’s bitch.”

About 20 min later the door bell rang and Leroy went to answer.
I was freaking out now. What had he done and who could possibly be at the door?

I could hear some hello’s and laughing.
I heard as footsteps came down the hall towards where I was. Next thing I know Leroy is introducing me to three other Black guys and to be honest, I don’t think I ever was told their names. 

At first, they were a bit taken aback that Leroy had a transvestite like me in captivity. It is very taboo within their culture, to say the least.
They were sensible though and though “what the fuck , a hole is a hole, lets just stay and see what develops, lets keep an open mind”.

They rubbed my butt and ran their hands across myback. One was talking about me, but not to me, about what a sexy bitch I was and was thanking Leroy for inviting him over to break in his slut.

At some point I felt the cold lube being squeezed on to my ass ring a couple of fingers probing and spreading inside my ass. One guy yelled "she is gonna become the perfect anal slut!"


Then it started, Leroy was first. I know this because one of the guys said something like, “She is your find Leroy, you first mate!”

I could feel Leroy’s hard cock press at my rosebud. Then he leaned hard into me and pushed forward.

I winced a little and he held where he was for a moment before pushing forward more. A couple
more thrusts and he was all the way in, his big black cock inside my tight ass and I was breathing heavily and drooling around the ball gag.

Leroy started to pump in and out as the other three Black guys encouraged him and taunted me by telling me I was just a fuck hole slave who's purpose in life was to exist only to pleasure Black cock and to be used like a street whore.
Soon one of them I guess got too worked up just watching so he freed his hard, black cock from his pants, unbuckled the ball gag, popped it out of my mouth and replaced it with his throbbing hard cock. He told me to make sure I did not bite him or he would beat my ass till it was bloody
red. Needless to say I was very careful. I could not move as he violently throat fucked me whilst Leroy piston fucked my ass. 

Leroy, I could tell, was ready to explode. He went all ridged and his pumping slowed and he held my hips really tight and was grunting…well, I was grunting too actually, the throat fucking was producing tons of spittle which was only helping to make my mouth more lubricated so Leroys friends cock went down further.
Leroy pulled away and then another guy just stepped behind me and took his place…just about the time this new guy got a rhythm going the one in my mouth shot his load.
He was holding my head tight, grabbing me by the hair and yelling at me to "swallow bitch, don’t lose a drop, today you are going to be filled with Black cum."

He bust his nut down my throat and then withdrew from my mouth and I found standing there, in his place, Leroy.

Leroy said, "my cock has been up your ass, clean it cunt”…so I took him into my mouth and cleaned his cock. Soon Leroy was cumming down my throat as the other guy in my ass was losing it and was making his own deposit. He slowed then stopped and then backed out and flopped down in a chair.
Next, the fourth guy entered me, he was bigger than the other three, i am glad that he had waited until last, as he really stretched my hole. He was so excited by the previous action that he came within just a few thrusts.

They all seemed to be really satisfied. Leroy slapped my ass and thanked me for being such an obedient whore they all collapsed on the couch and switched on the TV. 

It was a Saturday and now about 6pm or so. They put on a football game, replaced the ball gag in my mouth and were sat around chilling and enjoying the game. They'd helped themselves to beers from my fridge and were talking as I lay there all bound and helpless with cum all over my nose and chin.
They were talking about this crazy shit about using a tgirl and came to the conclusion that whilst their wives and girlfriends were not giving them all the sex they needed , that this sexy , compliant tgirl would be a very good alternative to use on a regular basis. After all ,
she had a hot mouth and ass was tighter than pussy, right? Right!

I was kind of dozing when Leroy touched my shoulder and offered me a drink of water which I welcomed.
He smiled at me and patted my head telling me I was a good girl and he knew I would be even a better girl by morning. He then stood up, undid his pants and flopped out his cock for me and ordered me to kiss it….I did. I was untied from the table and taken to the bedroom
and secured to the bed corners, by rope. At the same time the other three guys came in and
one said “Round Two, I am first this time” and before long, there I was, getting fucked in my ass and sucking off Leroy. They would switch up. At one point, I was untied and the guy with the largest cock sat on the edge of the bed.

Leroy picked me up and dropped me on to his cock.

Then Leroy pulled my legs up high, leaned me in to the other guy and then placed his cock at the entrance to my ass.

"Take a deep breath and try to relax slut", said Leroy.

Before i knew it, Leroy was using pressure and was gliding his cock in to me.

I now had 2 big , black cocks in my ass!

One of the other guys stood on the bed , so my face was at his crotch level. He grabbed my hair and started to face fuck me. I now had 3 big black cocks inside me,2 in my ass, and 1 in my mouth. The fourth guy started taking pictures with his camera phone.

When they had all cum, i was re-tied, gagged and left there until around 2:00am when Leroy
untied me. By then they had used me as a fuck toy four or five times.

When I got untied Leroy had just let them out to go home.
Leroy got me a drink and some crackers. It took about a half hour or so before I was
able to really stand and walk on my own.
Leroy kissed me deeply and told me I was the best bitch he ever spent an
evening with and asked me if i wanted to carry on living the role of a Black mens slut.

I said "yes Sir, thank You Sir".

To be honest, I don’t even remember him leaving me that night. All I know is that I slept till past noon that day and was pretty darn sore the rest of the weekend.

Leroy's three friends spread the word around the gym, to all the local guys, showed them the pictures, telling them that i was a loose, hot bitch. Again , to begin with they couldn’t quite get their head around the notion of using a tgirl like me. After seeing the pictures though very soon, dozens of guys were almost knocking down Leroy's door asking him if they could use his bitch.

Leroy put a plan into action. EVERY Saturday or Sunday, whenever there was a match on cable television, i was to make sure that i was at home, dressed like a slut and that my apartment
had a good stock of beers. I was to open the door and welcome any man inside who wanted to come in. Every weekend, i had between 6 and a dozen black men in my apartment to watch the game. Naturally, the game was just a diversion, as i was to stay in my bedroom, lubed and ready to service any guy who cared to come in.
My place soon became known as THE place to go. Married guys could tell their wives that they were going to the pub, to meet up with their mates, to watch the football in the bar on the big screen.
All the time, they were coming to my apartment and using me like
a whore. Soon , the entire town population of Black men knew about the free beers, football and willing holes of this tgirl slut. They kept it secret from their wives and girlfriends.

Some of the guys had more depraved and sick ideas on how to treat sluts. Some trained me to recycle their beers by using my mouth as an urinal. Others would take a dump during the match break and conveniently run out of toilet paper , so , my tongue was put to use. Others liked to stuff their empty beer bottle up my ass. Others like to stuff their hand up my arse, so they no longer had use of their hand and was made to sit on their lap , feeding them their beers then dropping to suck their dick. 

I have now truly become a Black Men’s sex slave , cum dump and plaything. The entire town of Black men come and avail themselves of my servitude at weekends. 

As I write this , alone in my bedroom, under orders from Leroy, he and the guys are in the other room discussing the finer points of renting a room in the nearest CITY. There are 10 times the number of Black men there. They figure that waiting until the weekends is not enough for them , or me. They intend to chain me in the city room, smash the lock on the door and make my room a “walk-in” venue for Black men to use me day and night, at their leisure , whenever they are in need.


Make my fantasy come true? Make me that sex slave ?

TRUE Story – REAL LIFE ACCOUNT of how I was transformed in to a “no choice” outdoor , dogging slut.

Is it REALLY possible to have NO CHOICE in whom you meet or pleasure ?

Perhaps the titel "total ,compliant slut" (or slave) could be applied to ME because of a situation that i find myself in ?


My current "Dogging Master" (the title he gained by beginning this scenario i am now describing) came to me saying that he had always searched for a female (he is straight but heteroflexible) who would serve ANY man and multiple men - without question, in any situation, at any time. Failing that , he said he would even settle for a trans girl who he could control. We have known each other for years and had never explored that "we" might have some kind of dynamic. The thing is , i had already fantasised many times about that kind of control myself, so, in just a split second, i replied to him " i think you may have found that slut in me".


So, to do it properly, he spent 2 weeks advertising me as his "free whore" on as many swinger sites as he could find and announced an outdoor place and time when he would take me there.

I was VERY excited by the "build-up" but when it came to the night, i was nervous about how i would react to the attention of complete strangers, whose picture i had never seen and would probably normally not be attracted to.

i was ordered to wear as slutty clothing as possible and my ass MUST be available at all times (i.e no skirt).

He had prepared a "bum bag" and filled it with condoms ,lube and wipes. He had attached to it a sticker saying "please fuck me, take a condom".

He strapped the bum bag to my waist, at the back.


On the first night (yes , more nights followed) i stepped out of his car, in to the parking area of a well known dogging site. He made me remove my coat and walk ahead of him in just my basques , suspenders , stockings and heels with the bum bag in full view. He had put his collar around my neck as a sign of ownership.

On that first occasion , only about 5 guys turned up and the first one or two were just average and nowhere my usual "type" BUT i got an enormous thrill out of KNOWING that i was not doing this for myself , but for the gratification of my Dogging Master.

The real test came quite soon that night when a not very good-looking, older, fat man with a tiny dick and a huge beer belly lined up to use me. Normally, i would never serve a man like that. i looked at my Dogging Master and he must have seen me begging with my eyes for him to send this man away. But , my dogging Master took GREAT GREAT pleasure in my predicament and encouraged the fat , ugly guy to use me thoroughly and for as long as he wanted. I just closed my eyes, told my mind i was doing this for my Dogging Master and went ahead with pleasuring the guy. My revulsion was replaced by euphoria as i pleasured this man , knowing that i was DEFINITELY not in any way doing it for myself BUT that i was doing it entirely for the benefit of my dogging Master and i KNEW that he was getting a very , very, very Major kick out of it . I glanced at his face and i could see he was thinking "finally , i HAVE found the slut who will serve ALL of mankind under my control and direction".


That night i served him well and i was proud.


Over the next week and forthcoming weeks, dogging Master built a website to publicise (in words and pictures) my exploits and the dates and places where he would be taking me.


Over the course of an all too short 8 weeks in Summer 2010 , he "pimped me" all over the internet and at the end of it , i was pleasuring over a dozen total strangers every time he took me out. He would let the men cum down my throat and, if they fucked me in the ass, he would make me drink the cum out of the used condoms. He took pictures of my servitude and built a free website showing the result.

He turned me in to a total unpaid whore and a cum whore.


Summers are short here in England and the temperature needs to be at least 13 degrees at night for me to be taken out.


My Dogging Master has been promoting me and collecting a database of men whom he can inform about my outdoor servitude appearances.

He now has a list of 600 LOCAL men who are eager to get to use me.

i would say , on average, about 10 guys from his database turn up on any given outdoor event but he then makes me serve any other man who happened, by chance , to be at the location on the night.


He has catalogued almost every man who has used me in the past (in pictures, with their permission) on his free website and he will continue to do so.

i am ALWAYS in for a busy season of being a complete and total free whore , in HIS honour , every Summer.


He takes me to locations in Surrey (near the M25) , to North London (up the A1) and to Epping Forest in Essex.

He is also investigating taking me to central London porn cinemas and roping me down on a cinema seat, with my holes exposed , whilst men line up for me to serve them. He is even thinking of blindfolding me in this situation.


So , depending on when you are reading this , i have been his Summertime dogging whore for 2010. 2011 and 2012.


In June 2013 i will commence again , when the temperature has risen and , no doubt , i will serve in 2014 , 2015 and beyond.


i still have my own life choices in my own time , as he is only my "dogging Master/Owner" for a brief period every Summer. Outside of these times we are just friends.



I hope you have enjoyed my TRUE story. If you would like my dogging Masters Free website showing my servitude and exploitation and/or to use me outdoors, just please send me a private message. 



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N.B - In 2021 My dogging Master dropped out of this scene , for personal reasons. i no longer have a dogging Master/Owner and have not been out dogging since 2021.

A position is open for an Alpha male to take over this role as my dogging Master , take me out to woods and whore me to men for free . If this position appeals to YOU , please do contact me directly. 



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