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Tiffany the escort..........

As you are fully aware , from the rest of my site, i provide sex for pleasure , as a hobby if you like. I am NOT a professional sex service worker.

You KNOW, from my website, that i only make personal dates with Dark skinned men.
The thing is .... my presence on the internet means that i have an awful lot of white ( caucasian men) who admire me. Naturally , this is very flattering as it is always nice to be desired by men of any race.
Recently , a handful of Caucasian (white) men have been so eager to meet me that they have asked if i will meet them if they pay me an escort fee.
At first , i was unsure , but, you will see from my adventurous nature that i will try anything once !
Fortunately , the visit of my first paying White man was genuinely a nice encounter.
So have the visits of the handful of paying white men who have visited me since.
So , i now offer and invite white men the opportunity , if they wish , to visit me as an escort.
i am NOT motivated by the money - i have a full time job thank you very much - so , any visit to me by a white guy will still involve my genuine desire to provide a good service and to fulfil your needs and desires.
Your visit will not be rushed , you can "cum" as many times as you want and we will do things that you enjoy , or new things that you want to try.
My escort rate is 100 per hour , in-calls only. No visit is to be over 2 hours.
As i do not escort for a living , i WILL ask you for a face picture before i invite you to my home. Regular escorts do not care what a guy looks like , all they care about is the money.
In order for me to serve you , even as an escort , i just need to get a "feeling" for you and see that you don't look like a maniac or something !
Oh you dont need to look like Brad Pitt - lol - you just need to look like a "decent" person.
If you would like to meet me as an escort we will need to exchange a few emails between us beforehand , as i need to know your needs, desires, fantasies etc...  in order to tailor  your visit to make it the best possible experience for you.
The white men who have used me as an escort in the past have all had a fabulous time and ALL have made follow on bookings.
So , this is the chance for all you White guys who have been lusting after me and having filthy thoughts about me - to meet me for real.
i only get one or two escort inquiries and bookings per week at the moment and it would be nice to keep it that way , as i do not want to become jaded with it. i want to stay enthusiastic about serving men and serving cock.

i do not know how long i will offer this service as i do not intend or wish it to take over my life, so , do book me soon.
Please email me , mentioning that you wish to book me as an escort, and please do include your face picture.
Email me
i can pleasure you ANY day of the week , between the hours of 1pm and 9pm.
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Permission must be sought to use any text , images or videos for commercial uses, editorial uses, advertising, publications, brochures or on your club, organization, business or adult web site.
DO NOT sell the text, images or videos either in digital or printed form.
Do not crop out any watermark that may appear on the images or videos..